Leon Meijer & Frank Imbach helpen kitesurfers aan een optimale warming-up!

Two years ago Frank Imbach began thinking about a book, intended for French kiteboar- ding schools and hosted by the French federation. At the same time Leon Meijer did the same and wrote some in- formative eBooks with the goal, “warming-up” sessions for kiteboarders.

“Looking forward, I think we can offer our experience (physiotherapist and physical performance specialist) at a greater dimension in order to help kiteboarders, not only in our respective countries but all over the world”.

Frank Imbach >
Frank is located in the south of France and works with so- me of the best French kite- boarders. Passionate about kitesurfing and sport scien- ce, he works to make you as strong and as efficient as possible in order to help you in your training and to avoid injuries.

Leon Meijer >
Leon works at fysiosportief in Groningen, The Netherlands. He is an fanatic kite- surfer and from this per- spective he applies the care that you, the kitesurfer, is looking for.

Why to warm-up
Everyone knows that warming-up is essential in protecting against injury but also providing a greater range of motion, power and stability when kiteboarding.

As you prepare your body for a kiteboarding session it’s im- portant to think about what you’re warming up. Ligaments, muscles and tendons benefit greatly from an effective warm up before a big session. It’s like heating up the big engine of your body.


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